Novartis Institute of BioMedical Research
Scientific Associate II
NIBR Biologics / Library Technologies
06/2017 - Present

Screen through libraries of antibodies using phage display technology and characterize hits using analytical techniques for early drug discovery, and further optimize binding through affinity maturation.

Boston College
Master of Science, Biology
Dr. Welkin Johnson
04/2015 - 06/2017

Developed and optimized an infectious system using an endogenous, or "fossilized," retroviral envelope found in the human and rhesus macaque genome in order to study the functional evolution of retroviruses.

Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute
Research Assistant II
Dr. Sumit Chanda
07/2013 - 07/2014

Worked alongside scientists in identification of PQBP1 as a proximal sensor of HIV-1 DNA in the cGAS-dependent innate immune signaling. Also, worked in the HIV Immune Networks Team program in detecting early immune responses of HIV-1.

Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation
Scientific Associate I
Dr. Anthony Orth
07/2012 - 07/2013

Worked in collaboration with Albert Einstein University in creating knockout constructs  of M. tuberculosis. Also, doubled the production of DNA purifications for high-throughput.

Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation
Dr. Jonathan Deane

Maintained the cell lines and an orderly lab, conducted restriction enzyme cloning, and completed ELISAs.


Technical Experience

  • Cloning

    • PCR

    • Restriction Digests

    • Ligations

    • Transformations

    • DNA/RNA extraction

    • Electroporations

    • Gel electrophoresis

    • Gel extraction

    • Site-directed Mutagenesis

    • Reverse Transcription

    • cDNA Synthesis

  • Tissue Culture

    • Transfections

    • Infections

    • Virus Production

    • Viral Titers

    • Virus Purification

    • Cell line maintenance 

  • Phage Display

  • Analytic Techniques

    • Protein purification

    • Western Blot

    • ELISA

    • BCA

    • p24

    • qRT-PCR

    • Competition Assay

    • Plaque Assay

  • Computation 

    • Invitrogen Suite (Vector NTI, Contig Express, AlignX)

    • Geneious

    • Microsoft Office Suite

    • Adobe Illustrator

  • Automation Experience

    • Liquid Handlers: Tecan, Hamilton, Agilent

    • Analytical: ForteBio, iQue

    • Methodology: Agilent, QPix

  • Optimization of experiments to maximize efficiency