Art has been constantly present throughout my life. It has progressed the way I look at objects in the world. When I observe a tree, I envisage all the different basic shapes overlapping and intertwined to form the whole. The elbow of a branch is a circle with two outward facing conical cylinders. The leaves are ovals with tiny outward facing triangles. The roots coming up from the ground are linked triangles to form diamonds. In the connection of these basic shapes, I have formed the whole - the tree.

The most complicated of images can be dismantled and analyzed into the most basic foundations. I apply this perspective to everything in my life, whether it be an artistic piece, a scientific research project, or a common misunderstanding. All problems can be broken down into basic fundamentals. What is a seemingly complex and overwhelming complication is a combination of individual components of an issue. Once the fundamentals are identified, I am able to conceptualize an effective solution for the critical components of the matter.

My artist's perspective proves to be a continual asset in my life. I am able to think both logically and creatively, to visualize the fundamentals and the whole, in order to produce innovative solutions to complex problems.