As an artist, I view the world through two different lenses: in its entirety - the whole - and the basic shapes that make up the whole. When I draw a subject, for instance a human face, I see all the diverse cardinal shapes which join to make the final form. When I draw the lips, I sketch two interconnecting ovals that represent the Cupid ’s bow and two outward facing triangles which become the corners of the mouth. For the bottom lip, I draw an oval below the two ovals previously drawn and two outward facing triangles connecting to the top triangles. In the connection of these basic shapes, I have formed the whole, the lips.

Even the most complicated of images has a basic infrastructure that can be broken down and analyzed. This perspective can be applied to everything in life. The most complicated of situations can be broken down into fundamentals. Once I recognize the foundations, I can tackle even the most difficult task. When faced with problems that might seem at first glance too complex to solve, my artist’s instincts will allow me to conceptualize a solution for the individual parts, while keeping the broader goal in mind. I will be able to quickly identify and confront the critical components of an issue to create an effective solution.